Locally Pewka likes to sell zines and posters at markets and conventions. Using Indesign and her knowledge of printing process's she likes to provide a high quality for fans and lovers of colour.

Born in Sydney Australia, Pewka Zilla is a trans woman who has been practising and exhibiting art in Australia since 2007. To see more of her personal art, please on the link below

'Pewka started learning how to render in 3d in 2017. She likes to use 3DS MAX, Substance, Z Brush, she is also familiair with MAYA and Blender.

Pewka has been practicing Illustration from a young age and is pursuing a professional career in concept art for video games as well as other media.
To see more of her drawings follow this link.

Pewka started making games in 2017 with her partner Shell Osborne, who taught her how to use Unity engine and 3ds Max. Since then she has become a self taught game developer releasing her projects under the name Glamow. To see more of her games click the logo !