The Trans Zone is a F P R P G PIXEL -G-A-M-E



You've traveled to the Trans Zone and begun your quest in becoming True To Yourself™. After Seeing doctors, psychologists and explaining to everyone in your life what the dealio is - you've been given the go ahead to hide away in the safest place there is to begin HRT - best you not come back for a bit tbh, give people time to adjust


So off you go now kiddo! Journey through the land and meet its people, befriend others and obtain hormones to transition. How will you turn out? Will you Pass? Will you break out of the binary?


Find (Out For) Yourself





Esc: menu

Move: adsw

View: Mouse

Up or down in dialogue:

W=up / S = down

Interact: E

Enter: E





CW for this game: Some characters have dialogue which might cause upset or offend, they are all based on things we have heard, read, thought at some point - shared with others. Every aspect of this game comes from experience. Overall we have kept our personal opinions at a distance but we feel confident that there are enough clues in the dialogue options to show where we stand.